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Own brands in the pet food segment are, for the trade, a product with good customer loyalty effects and a high profit. As a private label specialist for extruded pet food we have been manufacturing private labels for over 50 years. Among our customers are specialist shops, cooperatives, trading companies, DIY centres, garden centres, discounters and online traders. In addition to dry and wet food for dogs and cats we also have complete food and snacks for rodents, birds and pool fish in all price segments.

In our modern production facilities in Kehl am Rhein products and assortments are manufactured according to the wishes of our customers. For this, we process raw materials from regional suppliers, which are all cultivated without gene technology.
We have been a production company certified according to the international food standard (IFS) since 2007.

An own-brand pet food offers the trade many advantages

Your competent partner

We are specialists with a high degree of competence in the pet food own brand sector. As a result of continuous market observation our employees have the latest know-how on the design of products and ranges as well as competence in themes such as placement at the point of sales, requirements analyses and target group oriented marketing.

Your exclusive assortment

Properly introduced and positioned pet food own brands are becoming increasingly important for the trade, since they offer a number of long-term advantages. In addition to cost-effective purchasing, flexible pricing and high profits, advantages also include exclusive customer loyalty and independence from the price politics and marketing actions of the brand manufacturers.

Your highest quality

During production in our modern production and packaging facilities, we always care about quality and digestibility. During the planning stage for new feed types our staff are happy to help you combining the various raw materials and ingredients. Likewise, our staff is available for discussing your individual ideas for packaging, which we gladly fully manage for you.

Your tailor-made product

You already have an idea for "your" new product? We can realise this idea exactly with you. The range of our assortment goes from entry level (economy) to high premium and we also manufacture your individual recipe in small lot-sizes. Our sorts of food cover the complete life cycle of the animals, from puppy or kitten up to older and more sensitive animals. If you wish, we can also take over the storage and stocking.

Just speak to us. Together with you, we would be happy
to realise your individual and exclusive pet food assortment

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Our types of per food are exactly
aligned to the requirements of the animals

Cats are dependent on a regular intake of vitamin A, niacin and taurine. They need a diet that is rich in protein because proteins and amino acids cover the major part of their daily calorie requirements. Our tasty dry and wet feed in different flavours is optimally adjusted to cats’ requirements. The careful and gentle manufacturing process conserves all the important ingredients.

Dogs need food with a balanced ratio between nourishment and vital substances, especially highly digestible proteins for the muscular system and metabolism as well as carbohydrates and fats as energy providers. The optimum processing of the best raw materials ensures that these ingredients are contained in our dry and wet feed in the right amount and mixture.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents like food containing sufficient raw fibres for gnawing, grinding and polishing the teeth. The variety of ingredients in our various well-balanced mixtures encourages the animals' natural feeding behaviour and contributes to their health.

Birds of all kinds need an optimum supply of purified sorts of grain and seeds, in order to stay healthy and to develop strong feathers and a natural blaze of colour. For budgerigars, canaries, parrots and all sorts of wild birds, we have created the appropriate food mixtures and, in addition, offer various snacks.

Fishes; during the production of fish food, in addition to the taste the dosage form must also be considered. For animals living close to the bottom, we offer flake food that quickly sinks to the bottom and is easy to "catch", while fish in the upper regions of the aquarium or pool need food sticks that float longer on the surface. Our fish food is rich in minerals, vitamins and fibre thus contributing to a long and healthy fish life.

We pack in many forms and sizes and print your individual design

The design of the packaging of your own pet food brand plays an important role in the consumers' purchasing decision and in the recognisability. We therefore accompany you during this development from the first drafts to the final package. We also see it as our job to, in addition to the functionality and the modular design, to ensure that the European packaging directive is considered. In addition, we make sure of a suitable palletisation in order to reduce transport costs.

We offer all the follow types of packaging in your individual design. And, by the way, special colours such as gold or silver or completely or partly matt are no problem. Our packaging offer also includes further closing and carrying systems such as grips, reclosable systems or laser perforation.

For the introduction of new products or assortments we offer you, limited production runs with blank labels furnished with low-priced but individual labels.

Sacks and bags

made of paper or plastic
contents 300g to 25kg


1 to 10 litres content

Trays / cartons / displays

of all kinds


in many sizes, e.g. 100, 400, 800, 1.200g

Aluminium trays

100 to 300g contents

Stand-up pouches / pouches

100 to 300g contents

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